What to know about custom wedding rings

Your wedding rings are the most important jewelry you will ever wear and likely the only pieces you will wear everyday for the rest of your life! Custom wedding rings are a wonderful way to weave your personal story into this important piece of jewelry.

Tradition has voted in favor of gold or platinum.

Platinum can’t be called hypoallergenic, but it is usually a good solution for people with allergies. So is yellow gold with no nickel.

Contemporary Metals
Like so much in the world these days, there is very little research and history in this approach. That also means there are less experienced craftspeople to work on these metals 20 years down the road when something goes wrong.

Precious metal considerations for Christian couples
The Bible is full of references to precious stones and precious metals. In fact, our name is derived from the second book of the Old Testament, Exodus 31:4 when Bezalel was filled with the holy spirit “to design artistic works out of gold, silver, and bronze.”

The Process
A lot goes into making your rings! We’ve detailed our process here.

Off-the-shelf rings can appear inexpensive at first, but be aware that precious metals are sold by weight; price fluctuations are either due to less metal or undervalued labor.

For the most important piece you will ever wear, there is certainly great value in considering wedding rings that are entirely unique.