Vintage ring alternatives

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Vintage rings can be a wonderful way to incorporate your personal style with a one-of-a-kind look. However, they can also bring challenges in finding matching bands as well as in assessing the quality of metals and gemstones. If you like the idea of vintage but want a ring crafted for you, here are a few options to consider:

Consider having a ring custom made

Commissioning a custom engagement ring or wedding set can be a great way to incorporate your style into your rings. By working directly with a jewelry designer, you’ll have creative influence on the style instead of waiting and hoping to find a vintage ring that meets your preferences. Plus, you’ll have a great story built right into your rings!

Incorporate gold or gemstones from inherited rings into a new ring

If you’ve been gifted a vintage ring from a loved one but it doesn’t match your style, why not use it to make a new ring? By melting down the ring, you can build the sentimental history of the piece right into your new rings. In our studio, we often use gold from sentimental pieces to create an entirely new piece of jewelry. This keeps the meaning and sentimental value while crafting a piece that meets the style of our customers.

Or if you inherited a stone that you love, you can generally remount that stone into a new ring.

Pick a design style that mimics a vintage ring

If you know you like rings from a certain time period, you can find a new ring that incorporates some of the architectural elements. Metal choice is also a great way to mimic a vintage ring. Rose gold was very popular in the early 1900s and would make a great choice for a vintage-inspired ring. 18k yellow gold also offers a deep yellow color that creates an antique look.

Choose recycled gold or pre-owned stones

If a focus on sustainability has you looking at vintage rings, you can opt for jewelry using recycled gold or pre-owned stones.

Vintage rings come with character and story. However, it’s absolutely possible to craft a new ring with its own story that you can pass down through the generations. By knowing what you want in a ring and what design elements you love, you can find a new ring set that’s perfect for you.