At 31Four, we are the actual manufacturers of wedding rings, not just resellers.

The Big Idea

Wedding rings at 31Four are not a commodity in a showcase, bought and sold by retailers and wholesalers. They are a set of precious objects commissioned by you, the patron, and created by our consecrated Catholic craftsmen.

The Artistic Process

After you consult with our designers, and your ideas are thoughtfully sketched out and approved, we create wax models. When the time is right, we melt the metal of your choice and carefully pour it into the heated molds that were created just for you, made precisely to your specifications. It is a prayerful process to create alongside our creator, and we invite you to share your intentions as we craft your wedding rings.

The Small-shop Advantage

Since we are a small operation, we create your two rings from the same metal, in the same crucible. That matters because just as the two become one in a sacramental wedding, the one whole becomes two halves of the same casting--in that moment of creation, one single object literally becomes two separate objects as we cast and cut the rings apart from the same mold.

The Catholic Difference

Shopping with 31Four means supporting a small business, and also keeping alive the tradition of sacred art. A difference for the customer is that as consecrated Marians we understand the importance of symbolism and the sacramental nature of marriage, and we are also well versed in the language of jewelry as third-generation jewelers. Custom Catholic designs are our specialty.