Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

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Display your devotion for Our Lady of Guadalupe with this magnificent rose gold and emerald

Juan Diego's experience with the Virgin Mary is arguably one of the most important moments in the last 500 years. The modest tilma (pronounced teal-muh) that this indigenous farmer wore clothed armfuls of roses that were shown to him by the Virgin Mary. When he presented them to the bishop, and unfolded his tilma, it left a breathtaking artwork created by Divine hands--one of the most recognizable symbols of the Virgin Mary to billions of faithful. These very roses are honored by recycled 14 karat rose gold. The fields, the petals, and the actual colors that were divinely chosen and to this day remain on Juan Diego's tilma are represented by a hand-sourced, clouded "field" emerald of nearly 3 carats (2.81 tdw). Basic chain (retail $185) is a 1.4 gram rope chain and deluxe chain (retail $298) is a 2.42 gram wheat chain. For more information on our chains, please visit our FAQ page.

Rustic, elegant, beautiful, and meaningful—the Our Lady of Guadalupe pendant is one of our proudest pieces. Shouldn’t it be one of yours?

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14k Rose Gold with a brilliant 2.81 CT natural emerald gemstone.