one crucible

Designed for the Sacrament

31Four Artisan Jewelry exists to unite the dignity of marriage to the art of the wedding ring, giving care and thought to the most visible symbol of marriage. 

We desire to unify the ideal and real and build a movement that glorifies marriage as  sacrament.

Forged by
fire + prayer

“The weight of these golden rings is not the weight of the metal, but the proper weight of man, each of you separately and both together.”

The Jeweler’s Shop by  St. John Paul II

The precious metals in your  wedding ring are melted together in one crucible, meaning you and your spouses ring will share the same molecular structure. Our rings are designed towards the proper weight of marriage.

Available in
Rose Gold
White Gold
Yellow Gold

Sacramental Bridal

Till death do you part

Your wedding ring will be on your hand for the rest of your life. Your 31Four Artisan Jewelry wedding rings ensure you remember the beautiful reality of your marriage, every time you see your ring.


“So great to work with. My husband lost his ring in the ocean and Jesse helped me create a ring that not only symbolizes our marriage but also the sacred moments within it. He helped create a piece that reflected our faith and love of art.”


“These guys are great! They helped my wife (!) and I craft a beautiful ring with a great story behind it. The process was super quick and they were not only easy, but fun to work with. We can’t recommend them enough!”


“The customer service was exceptional and the work was absolutely perfect. My entire experience with 31:Four will have me return to them before any other artisan jeweler. If you are looking for art pieces and business that reflect God look no where else. Thank you Jay!