First Fig Engagement Ring



The first fig is giving our very best selves not only in a wedding, but in the marriage itself. ”Honor the Lord with your wealth and firstfruits. Proverbs 3:9. Unique and rich in meaning, deeply symbolic in sacred tradition, yet accessible and simple luxury for the sole sake of adornment for your bride. This is for a woman who is elegant and delicate but is more than beautiful. This ring is a betrothal promise of the divine feast of marriage. Each ring is 3d printed in house, and prayerfully cast using the ancient tradition of lost wax casting method, in our custom artisan-alloyed *15 karat gold. We retain a piece of this gold to include as we melt and create his + hers wedding bands, a trinity represented from one single whole. Features an east-west oriented cabochon ruby in pear shape (appx. .60 carat tdw), a fair-trade gemstone traceable to the Aappaluttoq glacier in Greenland and hand-sourced at the gem headquarters in Manhattan by our designer, Jay Ross.*Traditional 14 karat gold contains 58.5% pure gold, while our artisans created an higher-content alloy for an elegant, richer color of gold not traditionally seen since 1930s England, while still maintaining the strength of 14 karat gold. 15 karat gold contains approximately 62.5% gold. 15 karat gold is not regulated, nor stamped, because it is an artistic creation by our craftsmen. It does, however, come with a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.