Fig Signet Men’s Wedding Band



This detailed men’s ring is modeled after the leaves as well as the branches from the fig trees from our own garden. Our designers studied the growth patterns of these trees and the leaves and then created the design you see here using sculpting programs. The pieces are 3d printed in house, after being prayerfully cast using the ancient tradition of lost wax casting method, in our custom artisan-alloyed *15 karat gold. We create his + hers wedding bands in the same flask and then cut the two rings from the same object a symbol of unity.*Traditional 14 karat gold contains 58.5% pure gold, while our artisans created an higher-content alloy for an elegant, richer color of gold not traditionally seen since 1930’s England, while still maintaining the strength of 14 karat gold. 15 karat gold contains approximately 62.5% gold. 15 karat gold is not regulated, nor stamped, because it is an artistic creation by our craftsmen. It does, however, come with a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Fig is mentioned in sacred scripture over 250 times. From Genesis to the Song of Songs to the parable of the budding fig tree, this symbol is as sacred as it is appropriate for marriage. The fruitfulness of marriage is aptly represented for men. Also available with leaf or with no designs by special request. Pricing reflects size 10 ring and may fluctuate slightly due to ring sizes. All rings are cast with wedding band from spouse in the same flask.