Do you have a piece of jewelry that you wear everyday? Or maybe a piece that you bring out only for special occasions?

Jewelry is a language–a way of communicating something to others. Some pieces are obvious–wedding rings clearly communicate you are married and a crucifix tells of your faith–while others are more subtle. Perhaps a locket holds the memories of a beloved grandmother, a necklace tells of an exciting adventure you’ve taken, or a pair of earrings tells the story of a lifelong friendship. The pieces we wear not only help us remember our own important stories but also send our stories out to the world.

Even the materials themselves communicate. Precious metals make it clear that something is valuable–gold and silver are specifically described in Exodus 31:4 as part of the Ark of the Covenant. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are the only precious gemstones and have historically adorned royal and bridal jewelry for this very reason. Simply seeing jewelry crafted with a precious metal or gemstone tells the story that this piece of jewelry is important.

Style, aesthetic, and symbolism work alongside metal and stone choices to bring a story to life in jewelry. Language is one of the ways we stand apart from animals–the ability to use our creativity to convey an idea or story to others is one more way we are made in God’s image. Part of our mission at 31Four Artisan Jewelry is to use the language of jewelry to tell sacred stories–we think jewelry is much more than just fashion but is a mix of art and storytelling. All of our keepsakes were created for this very purpose–beautiful jewelry to tell stories that will carry on.