Jay Ross, MFA

Selected Works: Design and Fabrication


Falcon rocket, Dragon rocket, Dragon Capsule (assorted pendants and earrings). Select pieces set with custom-cut carnelian. Professional Casting Contract.

Custom Engagement

White gold engagement ring with east/west marquise diamond, Celtic knots, and tanzanite. Private commission.

Eucharistic Heart of Our Lady of Reparation:

Created collaboratively with Sisters of Our Lady of Reparation as part of their habit. Private commission.

Sacred Story Rose Engagement Ring

Rose basket echoes history of stained glass in Roman Catholic art as well as providing a gallery view of the culet of the stone, echoing the language of jewelry.

St. Thérèse Pendant

Utilizing original art by St. Thérèse, the “Little Flower.”


An intertwined wood pattern ring with common lime leaves, inspired by the mythology of JRR Tolkien.