Custom Sacred Bridal



Your one-of-a-kind love story translated in the language of jewelry.

We want to learn more about your part in the greatest story ever told, the story that began as your very life was envisioned, but which was destined to be told: your unique and unrepeatable love story. We begin the creative process with a consultation so we can identify what truly inspires you. This conversation will center around the One True Faith, the divine, your inspiration, and the marriage that you hope to build. We will also ask about the intentions that you would like our sacred artists to bring to prayer as we craft the rings that you will put on at your wedding ceremony and take off almost never. The end goal is to co-create this story in a sacramental representation of your marriage, together along with the original Creator. During the initial consultation we determine your ideal budget and timeline, as well as any other needs and incidentals.

From here we begin designing, during which you will receive designs transforming your ideas from the call into an artisan crafted ring uniquely expressing your marriage.


Hand-crafted in the ancient tradition, using modern advances.

Once the design is complete and the stone is ordered, we will begin a 2-4 week process during which we'll create a 3D model of the ring. We are happy to send the model for approval and to test sizing prior to casting upon request. We utilize the lost-wax casting method that was used to create the rings that carried the Ark of the Covenant. This ancient process joins cutting edge technology with Catholic tradition. This process includes:

  • Creating a mold to create a wax tree.

  • The option of transforming your own jewelry that has sentimental value into something new by melting it along with your wedding rings.

  • Melting casting grain (the semi-raw form of precious metals for creating jewelry)--we always pray for your intentions during this process.

  • Melting out the wax and pouring in the molten metal to create your ring.

process 3.jpg



Hand-finished with the highest level of attention to detail.

Your one-of-a-kind ring is now ready for setting and finishing! We use a 10x microscope to set our stones to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy. We use hand-push engraving techniques as the ring is hand-finished to our high standards and shipped directly to you.

Your wedding rings are the most important jewelry purchase you will ever make. We hold it in the highest regard to create a wedding ring that is both symbolic and sacramental from the very start. We look forward to talking with you to help you to tell your own sacred love story with the ancient language of jewelry.

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