An Ancient Tradition

…and I have filled him with a divine spirit of skill and understanding and knowledge in every craft: in the production of embroidery, in making things of gold, silver, or bronze, in cutting and mounting precious stones, in carving wood, and in every other craft.

~ Exodus 31: 3-5

Custom-crafted Jewelry

Looking for a custom piece? One of our sacred artists will walk alongside you as we bring your concepts to life. As a patron of the sacred arts, you are doing more than ordering a custom piece of jewelry. You are contributing to the canon of Catholic art. We will work together to create a piece that honors the person who wears it and brings glory to our true Creator.

Here’s our process:

Send a brief description of your ideas using the form below.

  1. We will reach out to you for a consultation to discuss your inspirations and the story behind your commissioning a custom-crafted piece of jewelry.

  2. You will receive an invitation to an online portal through which together we will bring your ideas to life in a set of sketches. You and our sacred artists will workshop the ideas to your satisfaction.

  3. We will create a 3D model and give you the option of seeing the piece of jewelry printed in plastic.

  4. We will cast your new creation using the ancient lost-wax method of melting precious metals into jewelry. We will cast your jewelry using your choice of yellow, white, or rose gold in the karat purity of 14k or 18k, or custom alloys. Larger pieces of 2 ounces or above are eligible for casting in sterling silver.

    Orders for religious communities are available in alternate metals at this time with a minimum order of 20. We can retain a rubber mold of the jewelry to make an unlimited number for future use.

  5. Six to eight weeks is the average time frame for the entire process. We are sorry, but we do not take custom orders during Advent.

  6. A minimum 200 dollar deposit is required to begin work. Please note most customer orders start at 400 for services.

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