Why God talks about sapphires so often...

Last week, we published a blog post with Blessed is She talking about the many references to precious jewelry that are placed throughout scripture. We derived our name from the verse Exodus 31:4 (which refers to the original goldsmith Bezalel and God’s command to him to create designs out of gold, silver, and bronze) and have been fascinated to constantly discover new references to precious metals and gemstones throughout the Bible.

How can symbols more commonly associated with opulence and wealth be used so much in the Bible? We know that scripture often uses allegories and parables to make a point, so what is God telling us when scripture uses images of fine jewelry?

In Song of Solomon, we find:

 “His hands are rods of gold

            Set with beryl;

            His abdomen is carved ivory

            Inlaid with sapphires.” 5:14

Emeralds and aquamarines fall in the beryl family and are both stunning examples of God’s handiwork. I believe we experience the same childlike awe at a beautiful gemstone as we experience at a sunset, because it’s an incredible representation of God’s artistry.

Or in Isaiah 54:12, we find July’s birthstone highlighted:

“I will make your battlements of rubies, And your gates of crystal, And your entire wall of precious stones.”

The references to rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, gold, silver - God inspired these references for a reason. The inherent value of certain physical materials is part of God’s vocabulary of creation.God is really telling us something important when it comes to His creation of gemstones--it speaks to our own value in the eyes of God more than most other things found on Earth. We are His gemstones. 

This is not about stretching ourselves to spend more than we ought on jewelry or about being overfocused on the status we might gain through fine jewelry. It’s about understanding that God regularly uses the language of jewelry to speak to us. We are precious in His sight and the language of jewelry is one way we communicate preciousness to each other.

Beauty brings our hearts to God because He is beauty itself-the source of all that is good, true, and beautiful--jewelry is just one of many sources of natural beauty. 

Angie Ross