More Precious than Gold

Co-founder Angie Ross was excited to have this published over at Blessed is She. The message of extravagance as a display of God’s love to us is so ancient, and so often articulated throughout sacred scripture.

Here are a few sections from the wonderful piece she wrote over at Blessed is She

Imagine the beauty of a sapphire. The facets of light that capture our imagination. We experience the same childlike awe at a beautiful gemstone as we experience at a sunset, because it’s an incredible representation of God’s artistry. It’s important that the comparison is not only to something beautiful but also to something that is prized and expensive – heaven is more than just a beautiful place but also a prize that exceeds all the money in the world. How expensive is a pavement of sapphires? Even just one square foot would range in the millions of dollars.

The references to diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, gold, silver occupy the pages of Scripture. God inspired these references for a reason. The inherent value of certain physical materials is part of God’s vocabulary of creation. Formed deep within the mantle of Earth under extreme temperatures and pressure, diamonds are raised to the surface by deep-source volcanic eruptions. God is really telling us something important when it comes to His creation of gemstones. It speaks to our own value in the eyes of God more than most other things found on earth. We are His gemstones.

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Angie Ross