Wax, Marble, and the Imitation of Mary

We recently came upon something so inspiring by Father Michael Gaitley at the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. It was all about how God uses a similar process to jewelry making in order to create us into our best selves. We are honored to have our thoughts about this published over at their website. Here is a sample of what you will find there:

If we consider our path to sainthood through that lens, we find that we all experience a certain chipping away. Similar to Michelangelo, our Creator had a vision for our lives. We are His masterpieces. Just as in the David, this chipping away is how the inner beauty we have reveals itself to the word. And it ultimately gets displayed in Heaven. But unlike statues, we actually get to experience it!

In contrast to the sculptor's subtractive method, a jeweler's molds can represent a meticulously crafted artwork. We use heat, a frame, and pressure to vulcanize silicone around jewelry. We slice the mold in half and remove the artwork. The negative space within makes a perfect representation of the jewelry. The thing is, when we inject that space with wax, we can create unlimited models. It is accurate, efficient, beautiful, and sure. We cast it in silver or gold. We set precious stones. In short, we build onto that jewelry with an additive method, further embellishing that which was already beautiful. Kind of like life.

The complete article can be found at this link.

Jay Ross