Two Options for Sacramental Gifts

When we first started as sacred artists, we started this company faithfully but we really didn’t understand what our “brand” was. We were really trying to articulate what it was we wanted to do. There was a lot of talk about being “on fire Catholics” and “enthusiastic about our faith” and “beauty” and things like that--which are all important to us, still.

All the same, it didn’t all click together the way we knew it should. Little glimmers of what we were all about as a company shone through here and there.

At 31Four, we have always really been telling sacred stories using the language of jewelry. From the beginning we were taking our three generations of jewelry-making expertise and our adopted role as consecrated artists and transforming something old into something new--we were trying audaciously to transform the face of sacred jewelry.

One of the first things my Co-Founder Angie came up with to describe this was “Statement pieces that make a statement.” I have an MFA in poetry, but several times a month this amazing woman--who is also my wife--happens to say something that could be straight from a Shakespearean sonnet. This was as close to perfect as we could get. Well done, Angie!

This particularly piece is definitely a statement piece that makes a statement. We have so much judgment, polarization, evil, divisiveness in our world. Although this is not a crucifix, it is one of the most catholic messages we can produce because it is truly “universal.” According to Fr. Gaitley, the “almost apocolyptic evil of our time” requires a divine mercy, divine forgiveness. This is a statement to all to come back to the Church. It’s a statement we want to put out into the world. It is a bold statement of Jesus’s love and our trust in Him. It is truly a statement piece that makes a statement.

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

Jay Ross, MFA

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