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Hey! We’re Angie + Jay, the husband/wife team behind 31Four Artisan Jewelry. Our studio was founded on the idea of creating modern, timeless jewelry that celebrates the beauty + mystery of God. We take our namesake + inspiration from Exodus 31:4 in which God endows Bezalel with the ability to craft designs in gold, silver, + bronze.

Jay comes from three generations of jewelers + combines ancient craft with cutting-edge technology to tell sacred stories using the language of jewelry. Angie draws on her background in marketing + consulting to build 31Four Artisan Jewelry as company focused on a meaningful mission.

Our Creative Process

31Four Artisan Jewelry is focused on handcrafted jewelry that tells sacred stories in the language of jewelry. The goal of our studio is to create incredibly special pieces for our customers who want to incorporate their faith into jewelry that is both beautiful + practical. Each piece is individually crafted from initial design to final finish in our Florida studio, combining traditional metal-smithing techniques with cutting edge 3D technology.
consultation call


Our process begins with an idea + a sketch. For our custom clients, this includes a consultation call to translate ideas into an artisan-crafted piece that that uniquely expresses a story.

3D Technology

Our Chief Creative Officer Jay takes the first step in making the idea a reality by creating a 3D model using CAD software. Incorporating this cutting edge technology leads to better jewelry as it helps us ensure that the piece will meet quality standards for jewelry by measuring weight + thickness. The design is then printed into a 3D model-- again, this is essential to ensure no areas are too fragile or thin to stand up to the metal working process.
3D printing
custom jewelry design
custom jewelry

Custom Casting

Our studio uses the ancient art of lost wax casting. We create a mold first by melting silicone around the 3D print. That mold is then injected with melted wax so that when it cools you have a wax model of the piece. If we are making several pieces at once, we will create multiple wax models and put them together on what is called a wax tree and put them in a canister (called a flask) for casting. If we are making wedding rings, only the bride and groom’s rings go in the flask. A water and silica mixture called investment is poured over the tree. There is a rubber cap we place on top--and you can see little flecks of the silica mixture on them now. The pouring must be done carefully because the weight of the investment (the powder and water mixture) can actually damage the tree on delicate pieces. As it dries, the investment hardens around the mold and then we are ready to move into melting and pouring the metal!
one crucible
pouring metal for custom casting
plunging cast in water


Every piece is then hand-finished. We use a 10x microscope to set our stones to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy. We also use hand-push engraving techniques to ensure each 31Four Artisan Jewelry piece is hand-finished to our high standards.
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unique engagement
setting diamonds

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