A Letter from the Makers…

Welcome to 31Four Studios. We take pride in the work we do in creating sacred art.

process 00.jpg

We start every piece with a wax model . . .

made in Central Florida, right here in our studio.  Next, we carefully clean and trim each wax by hand and treat it with a special solution. We use the lost wax method of casting, which is the same method used by Bezalel in Exodus, 31 when he uses casting techniques to create the rings that held the arc of the covenant. We hold this tradition so important that we chose it for our namesake.

The wax mold is placed in a flask,

which is poured full with a wet mixture very much like plaster of paris. The pink dot is in the image is actually the tip of a long rod of wax that creates a channel through which molten metal flows.

process 1.jpg

process 2.jpg

The flask is placed in a kiln

at 700 degrees, and the wax melts away onto a ceramic tile. Five hours later, the wax is actually vaporized into thin air at close to 1300 degrees. What’s left is a beautiful imprint of the wax models, a special space into which the metal will flow and create jewelry in the ancient tradition.

Once the wax is vaporized,

a sacred artisan melts either gold, silver, brass, or bronze  Once the metal reaches its melting point, the artisan ensures that it is hot enough to be poured and still retain its temperature to remain a liquid as it travels through the caverns of the flask to the imprint of the wax model.

The final product is treated with acid

and then finished with a combination of walnut shells in a vibrating tub and hand finishing techniques passed down from master jewelers, our ancestors and family members!


The final product is a beautiful expression of creativity and faith. We are proud to make it and to sell it. We hope that you are proud to wear it.


Angie and Jay Ross